Services That we provide

Prime Chiro offers chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic adjustment, also called spinal manipulation, is a procedure done by a chiropractor using the hands or small instruments to apply controlled force to a spinal joint.

dry needling

Trigger-point dry needling is an invasive procedure where a fine needle or acupuncture needle is inserted into the skin and muscle. It is aimed at myofascial trigger points (MTrP).
Chiropractors at Prime Chiro perform dry needling procedure.
Functional rehabilitation and mobility development at Prime Chiro Chiropractic clinic

functional rehabilitation and mobility development

Functional rehabilitation is an extension of the traditional elements of physical therapy, the purpose of which is to return the athlete.

instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisation IASTM

Soft Tissue Mobilization (STM) uses stretching and deep pressure to break up rigid muscle tissue, relax muscle tension, and move fluids.
Prime Chiro offers soft tissue mobilization as a hands-on treatment.
At Prime Chiro, we offer cupping therapy as part of our massage services, as well as a standalone treatment option.

cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction.

soft tissue therapy

Soft tissue therapy is remedial massage on steroids. It is targeted clinical massage. It is hands on bodywork that can get you out of many kinds of painful episodes.
Prime Chiro offers soft tissue mobilization services
Prime Chiro offers postural assessment to clients and patients

postural assessment

Postural assessment from the posterior view is similar to that in the anterior view. Shoulder position, knee interspace, and ankle position are all assessed, in addition to the overall symmetry of the body.

remedial message

Remedial massage is a complementary therapy that aims to treat muscles that are damaged, knotted, tense or immobile. It is useful for a number of problems that affect the muscles.
Prime Chiro offers remedial massage and a range of therapeutic services.
Prime Chiro's  massage therapists are experts in lymphatic drainage

lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, relieves swelling that happens when medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system.


initial consultation

For new clients

Evaluation of your case history.
Functional and movement assessments.
Diagnosis and discussion of treatment strategy.
Self management strategies.
Hands on manual therapy treatment.
Rehabilitative/movement exercises to complement the treatment.

standard consultation

For existing clients only

Progress update and re-assessment.
Hands on manual therapy treatment.
Self management strategies.
Rehabilitative/movement exercise program update.

extended consultation

For existing clients only

Hands on manual therapy treatment.
Advice on self management strategies.
Rehabilitative/movement exercises.
Suitable for clients seeking treatment to more than one area or want to focus more on rehab movements.